Light dances through diamonds
Refractions of an unfading promise
Cherished in an endless circle
unto her porcelain finger



Welcome to FAIRY’S INC.

Since 2002, we’ve been weaving testaments
of love, light and personal intricacies into
each unique design for each special couple.


With a flick of the wrist, a wave of the wand,
as though little fairy helpers to your aid,
believe us when we claim it a pleasure,
that you have our undivided attention,
listening to every whim and notion
of your perfect ring.



With blessings wished upon,
we cast each diamond on your wedding band,
materializing a promise of two
embarking on marital bliss.



As vows in holy matrimony are exchanged,
forgive us for our impish smiles as we indulge
in the celebration of your marriage,
with a FAIRY’S INC creation wrapped
around your finger.