At FAIRY’S INC, we believe that your
Special One deserves The Perfect Ring.

Thus we pour our magic into the
creation of each exquisite ring and
jewellery piece for her.



Our show-stopping, one-of-a-kind creations
will be a reflection of why you chose to
embark on a life-long promise with her -
because she was different.



Our designers will work with you privately to
create The Perfect Ring. We will help suss out
her style and preference. And with a slew of
secret fairy tricks up our sleeves, we can
even help figure out her ring size!

This gesture of love will be laden with
unexpected details, to celebrate her most
anticipated milestones.



Known for our quality standards and penchant
for attention to details, all our GIA certified loose
diamonds are pre-selected for exceptional quality.
Polish, Cut and Symmetry have to be excellent.

We only carry diamonds graded D, E & F with
clarity grading between FL -VS2, and without
fluorescence. At FAIRY’S INC, we have nothing
but the best for her.




Cut — Excellent
Polish — Excellent
Symmetry — Excellent
Colour — D E F
Clarity — FL IF VVSI VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2